Sunday, February 24, 2013


Vas happening?

Last week is a great time for me because me and all the class going to kidzania and its a trip by bus . We arrive at 9 o'clock and it take 1 hour to get there . In the bus it has two classes 6GA and others its like never been to the trip and they act like monkey . Me and my friend act natural before I get to the bus I wear a simple makeup just a eyeliner and mascara . I didn't even remember the first thing I do in kidzania ..... Anyway we make coca cola , be a pilot and others . Here's a tip when you go to kidzania you need to wear tight jeans and t -shirt for the shoes you need to wear like converse or something else but not the sandal you can't wear it bc my other friend wear it and her legs hurts so much and she need to be absent today it hurts a lot! And btw you need to run right? So it's better to wear shoes instead of sandal . For bags you need to wear a light one because I bring the big one and it really heavy and right now I can't feel my shoulder but its getting better now or you can also wear the two shoulder bags. Really it's a good tips from me and if you don't follow it I just want to say " serve you right " Kay baiixx

And FYI don't judge me and my friends telling that their not pretty -.-

Sincerely ,
We are BFF including my old friend

Monday, February 18, 2013

Little weird :/

Hey vas happening?

So I know it's like years I didn't update my blog , this moment is a sad story . At first as usual I've got back from school at 2 and my mom said we moving to another house this month and I really don't know what's going on but the payment is increase so we moved out , and probably I will never see my BFF again Lina , Rewaa , Duaa and all my classmate and the person I know I'm gonna miss them so much especially my best friend Lina . I will not be in school two weeks I hope they will accept this they are my true friend baiixx

Sincerely from ,
Your classmate (Anis)

Friday, February 8, 2013

She said it

Hey Kevin's

My friend tweet me something nice today . She's the one that I miss the most , but now we just friends not BFF anymore . I unfollow her on twitter and I block her friends . I just want some privacy with her . I tweet " sorry if I block you on twitter :( just release the sadness" that's what I said on twitter . I'm sorry Dahiyah . I just can't take it anymore . I just want a normal life and not fighting with you , and just to be clear we just friends okay ? And one more thing I hope you accept all of this bye :)

Sincerely from ,
Your friend

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The things that made me happy today

Hey Kevin's

Today my friend Duaa' , Rewaa and Lina made me happy today . They made me laugh all the time . Today I was crying because of my last post YEAH! It's about my old friend and they make me happy . In the middle of the break I don't know why I'm start crying it just my feels can't take it anymore missing the time we take our lunch together . I tell all my feels to them and I started crying A LOT ! And the last thing that makes me happy is about our last period and its English . The teacher is telling us a story and I didn't pay much attention instead listening to her story telling I made a poison water . I buy a bottle of water and I take my old highlighter and I ask my friend to open it and I want to take only the colours . Since I take the colour I put it in the bottle . Then the teacher saw us and I got detention with my friend and sitting with Ms. Nidaa for two hours -.- the worst thing I ever made in my life , just because of that .

Sincerely from ,
A kid got detention

Monday, February 4, 2013

Missing Someone in Mÿ Life

Hey Kevin's

Sorry because not posting last few days bc getting ready for the school trip and I'm so exited!! These lately I'm just missed my friend at Malaysia she's the one who everything to me . Have you ever been so jealous because you BFF is friending with someone else better than you ? Have you ? ..... Her name is Nur Dahiyah she is the same grade as mine . Since she went to my old school and she meet my old friend and still schooling at there . She used to hate me when I was there but now she kinda like me ? Weirdo! She used to hate me A LOT ! But I don't know why she become my friend ??? I communicate with her using Twitter as everyone knows it . Lately she never tweet even Message with me anymore she just tweet the girl I hated the most. You can't know her name because it is a secret , I'm sorry . I just wanted you to know that I'm a person not a doll you can play with and using her money if you remember when we first met and I always treat you to lunch and do everything for you i'll always give everything you need I'm the one who make you happy right?but since I move to Dubai you just leave me , it's like a doll you never want to use it and you bought a new one . Pleasee at least you chat with me . I want to know your life . You're the only one I had .

Please , Change Your Life

Sincerely ,
From the one you needed the most

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Outfit , Makeup & Shoes

Hey Kevin's ,

Can you recommend what to wear this night ? Is this looks okay ? Or I'm to fat or skinny ??

The varsity jacket is from H&M 190 dh
T-shirt is from TOPSHOP 70 dh
Skinny jeans from ZARA 190 dh
Shoes from Converse 100 dh

Eyeshadow from RIMMEL LONDON

I don't know how much it cost b'cus it for my mom and I borrow it , and I didn't wear it yet until its time to go and I don't even know what to choose my shoe

Sincerely from, Someone who doesn't know what to wear


Hey Kevin's !

YES! I know it's rude but its directioner thing ? Anyway this is my new Blog and I try to make it simple so here it is . My name is Anis and I'm 13 years old and everyone knows that I'm from Malaysia and live in Dubai and in college i'll be at London . I love to eat especially i love to eat Nandos . I'm a Directioner love Harry a.k.a pussy cat lover and Niall a.k.a eat . If you want to know me so well just follow me on twitter anis_yusmadi . Btw this is not my 1D Blog it just about me who fangirling with my friend about 5 HOT guys and wanting to Married one of them . I think you might wanna know where i school , its called Al - Maarifa' Int'l Private School and its the worst school ever but the best part is that we can bring phone in school . tryin' to tell about today story . Today its the half best day ever and the rest of it is the worst . 7:00 sending my brother and  to school and my sister have a trip to a zoo and i hope she will live there forever -.- haha i'm not going to school coz i want to take the break off hopefully my dad agree I WILL DIE If i cant take the break off suffering from the damn school DUHH !!! And today my dad salary dayy YAY! Wanting so much to shopping especially they on SALE! So maybe this goodbye now . i will post later 
Sincerely from,
A kid who  create a new blog